“To Heaven… Pedro!

Last night, 14th October… at the stroke of midnight, St. Teresa of Jesus took Peter by the hand and led him to God the Father.

The Heart of Mary would clothe him with kisses.

From midday onwards, it will be possible to pray and celebrate faith in the resurrection before his mortal remains in the Heart of Mary Parish Church. Obispo Rabadán St.

The Claretian Community, his sister Isabel, who never left his side for a moment, and the whole Claretian Family give thanks to God for a life so full of humour, love and divine tenderness”.


With this message, the Claretian Community of Las Palmas Rabadán communicated to the parishioners of the Parish of the Heart of Mary and to the Educational Community of the Claret School the death of Fr. Pedro Fuertes Combarros.

It was sadly expected news. We were aware of the progressive deterioration of his health. But this did not prevent us from being saddened by his departure and thanking God for his missionary life.

Soon the city echoed the news. It was not in vain that Fr. Pedro had lived in Las Palmas for almost 56 years. Since 4 October 1966 he made the city his home, with short periods of absence (one year in Rome, another in Madrid and another in Santa Cruz de Tenerife). The Claret School and the parishes of the Heart of Mary and Our Lady of Fatima, in Pedro Hidalgo, where he spent several years together with Fr. Emeterio Ruiz, also recently deceased, were the scene of his kindness, his closeness and his deep missionary spirit.

May he rest in peace.


Some echoes of the news of his death:


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