Presence in Malaga, Loja and Seville at the beginning of the course of the YVM_Spain Team

As usual, during the first trimester of the academic year, the YVM_Spain Team takes the opportunity to be present in all the apostolic positions where there are VYVM groups and activities.

Thus, the Team began their activity in the schools, specifically at the beginning of October with a gathering in the Claret School in Seville for the 3rd and 4th years of ESO with the theme ‘From where?’ in which the students were able to get to know the reality of our new Province.

On the weekend of 15th to 17th October, the Team was able to greet the young people of Malaga (Friday 15th), as well as having the first formation session with APJ and the so-called session 0 with the Neo-APJ, who are preparing to actively join in the evangelisation of young people. On Saturday 16, they visited a group of APJ and Neo-APJ from Loja, in the parish of Santa Catalina, where they celebrated the Eucharist and were able to greet the new parish priest, Fr Juan Carlos.


Finally, at the weekend, the Team was also present in Seville, where it is culminating its presence in the school-parish, and where it animated the Eucharist for young people, with the special participation of the young people of Compás y Fragua, whom they visited at the beginning of their catechesis.



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