Monthly meeting of the Council of Education in Spain of the Province of Fátima

On the 13th the Education Council of the Province of Fatima in Spain met in person for the first time this academic year at the Claret School in Seville.
As well as taking the pulse of the beginning of the new school year after the pandemic and sharing concerns about the application of the LOMLOE (new law on education), they dealt with issues specific to the sector. Special attention was given to the forthcoming meetings organised by the Interprovincial Commission of schools (Identity and Charism for teachers and a meeting of management teams). Time was also devoted to the dialogue on the Education Secretariat, which also brings together the schools of Carvalhos and the coordination of the five schools of the Province.
Francisco Javier Sánchez Peguero, sub-director of the school of Seville, who is temporarily replacing Mr. José Ruiz, the titular Director, who is convalescing from an operation, took part in this meeting of the Council.
The meeting was attended by Fr. Provincial, Carlos Candeias do Nascimento cmf.
In addition, we did not forget to look forward to the summer season, with our schools that will soon be named “Ambassadors of JMJ Claret Way”.



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