Meeting of safe environment teams from the schools of the Province of Fatima in Spain

Convened by the provincial team (Jorge Sanchez and Fran Cantudo), an online meeting was held on Friday 10th February with the heads and teams of our schools. The objective was to share the first steps of application of the “Protocol of Prevention and action in cases of Violence of Sexual Nature against Minors in Schools of the Claretian Missionaries of the Province of Fatima in Spain”.

On the one hand, the need to publish a news item for the school’s media on the protocol and the training given, transmitting something of what we are doing in this field and what we wish to do. On the other hand, the information that should be included on the website, in a section called “Safe Environment”, similar to the one on the provincial website.

The initial training already given in the three centres in November and those to be organised for people who were not present (teachers, administrative and service staff, sports club members, playground and canteen supervisors, etc.) were discussed. A document was presented with the responsible declaration that must be sent to everyone to be signed before March.

It is planned to offer families information and training on this subject, possibly online for the three schools. Many other aspects to be taken into account in the complex reality of schools and the variety of presences in them throughout the school year were discussed, so it was insisted that, in addition to the requirements already established, it is necessary to generate a “Culture of Protocol” that leads us to build the safe environment we all want.


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