‘Light of the Peace of Bethlehem’ in the Parish of Areosa

On the weekend of 18 and 19 December, the 740-Areosa Group shared the ‘Light of the Peace of Bethlehem’ with the community of the Parish of Our Lady of Areosa (Porto, Portugal).

As in the previous year, the initiative was promoted by the people who form the 740-Areosa Group. In this way, they brought THE LIGHT to the Parish and distributed it during the Eucharist of the weekend, accompanied by the sound of guitars and some verses:

“There is a Light that comes from hand to hand.

A soft flame that shines without ceasing

Steadfastness, hope, peace and good

This light from the grotto of Bethlehem

And which is kindled in us and will never go out”.


Taking advantage of this LIGHT, we send Christmas greetings to all the parishes of the Province of Fatima.

Merry Christmas!



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