Lent begins… with the Lord’s Easter horizon

Today, Ash Wednesday, begins the preparation for our “big week” as Christians. On the horizon we are already looking at the feast of Easter, with the desire to renew everything that means that Jesus Christ has conquered death, all deaths. At this time, among other things, we are invited to keep very much in mind the way of Jesus himself towards his passion… This is what Fr. Claret wrote in a letter to Mother Antonia Paris in 1868:

“We are in time of Lent and of thinking more and more in the passion of the Lord”

In that letter he included the “Clock of the Passion” (based on an earlier one by St. Alphonsus Liguori). A proposal to meditate every hour of the day with a mystery of the Passion of Jesus. We encourage you to read it. Here you can download it.

We also remind you that every day you can pray with what they have prepared from the Proclade Foundation around the Objectives of Sustainable Development #ODS2030. You have the complete document (the 40 prayers following the traditional See – Judge – Act) also on our website. And every day we will publish one on our facebook page.

We hope this is a time of grace for you and all of us who choose to live from the Gospel.

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