‘In the depths of the heart’, motto of the Vocations Campaign of Cordimarian Filiation

The Daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (DICM) are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their Pontifical Approbation on 21 November 2023, 50 years of grace in the heart of the Church. For this reason, they are developing a series of activities; one of them is the campaign ‘In the depths of the heart’.

Maripi Amigo fc, from the YVM HICM Team explains its aim:

Back in 2018, an idea began to take shape in the mind and heart of the then European Vocations Ministry Team, an idea that emerged with force and that came to respond to concerns that were asking to take shape: to create a vocations campaign that would help us to show our charismatic gift to many. In the dialogues there was a healthy need to share with others who we are and what we live.

We got down to work! The idea was taking shape: body, heart, reaching out to those who don’t know us, representing us to those who do, showing ourselves in a new and renewed way… Everything seemed to be moving forward until… the pandemic made its appearance. It remained on standby, waiting for the right moment to germinate with force.

Already in 2022, the desire to finally bring to light what had been lying dormant for years was embraced once again. And on 25 December, the feast of the Nativity of the Lord, we launched the website that houses the life of this crazy idea: to show ourselves as we are, as we live our vocation, from the deepest, most intimate part. From the heart. From that place that very few know about and which is where our being daughters of the Heart of Mary takes life and consistency.

To stroll through the website is to contemplate faces that speak from the depths of the heart of common experiences, where each daughter of the Heart of Mary incarnates the vocational gift received from her own original perspective. It is to find a new way of saying who we are, how we live, how the evangelical counsels are expressed in the life of each one… In Spanish, English and Portuguese. And we continue to grow! The vocation campaign ‘In the depths of the heart’ is promising! We still have other ways of showing ourselves and making ourselves known, crazy ideas that little by little will fill the web with life and put ours at God’s disposal, so that through us many can ‘fall in love with Jesus Christ’. Without further ado, come in… We are waiting for you! This is your home, our home, welcome!

You can visit the website to find out more about the campaign:



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