Immediate Formation for Priesthood in Claret House Harare

The week ending 8th of November saw the deacons, Look-life and Nyasha having their immediate preparatory formation in Claret House Harare. Having been well instructed, spiritually tamed and entertained in a one-week retreat, the deacons who are as well the candidates for priesthood, proceeded to have a formational workshop in which they shared the pastoral experiences with those who had been in the field.

The main focus was on the administration of the sacraments, administration of the parish and the liturgical celebration. While the knowledge of the general norms in doing things was considered to be of prior importance, there was much emphasis on pastoral sensitivity from the facilitators.

Just to quote Fr Luis: “Doing the preparation well helps in having the things well done.” Fr Joaquin emphasized on being zealous but wise enough not to mix the unmixable. Fr Anil left the deacons provoked by saying that the pastoral with the youth is a journey we have to walk the Claret way.

Great appreciation to the availability of our Claretian brothers who facilitated the different topics of the Workshop and last but not least great thanks to the organizer and the formator Fr. Manuel Ogalla.


(Report provided by our brother Nyasha Choga CMF)



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