I University Fair organised by the Claret School of Las Palmas

On Tuesday 14th March, the Claret School of Las Palmas, in the Rabadán section, held the 1st edition of the University Fair, an initiative designed for all those interested, regardless of the centre in which they study, to gather the necessary information about the different academic options offered on the island and abroad.

The school courtyard was the meeting point between the attendees and a series of stands where more than ten institutions ( University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, University of the Mid Atlantic, University Francisco de Vitoria – Madrid, University Fernando Pessoa Canarias, Escuela TAI Nebrija University, University of Navarra, University Centre of Technology and Digital Art (U-tad) among others) informed the boys and girls about the range of possibilities open to them once they finish the Baccalaureate.

This meeting has been designed for all students between 4thESO and 2nd Bachillerato and is another initiative of the Coordinated Vocational Vocational Guidance Team (OPVC), which also considered the meeting appropriate for teachers and families.

In the words of Patricia Morales, pedagogical director of the Rabadán section, this idea arises with the clear intention of “improving the accompaniment of our students in making decisions for their academic and personal future”, to which we must add that “it is very difficult to assess the importance and usefulness of bringing together in one place the possibilities offered by local universities such as the ULPGC, the Fernando Pessoa University, the European University of the Canary Islands or the Mid-Atlantic University; more specific options such as the University Centre for Technology and Digital Art (U-TAD) or TAI-ARTS (University of the Arts); centres on the mainland such as the University of Navarra, Francisco de Vitoria or Nebrija; without forgetting other alternatives such as the Armed Forces or Vocational Training through ICSE”.

This fair is not the first or the last time that the Claret will be at the service of the entire educational community of the island. In January it brought together more than 600 students from over 60 schools in the 49th edition of its writing competition.

In addition, the “instructions” left by Saint Anthony Mary Claret cannot be overlooked, precisely on the 175th anniversary of his passage through the Archipelago. Numerous events have been organised to commemorate this anniversary, such as the installation of the explanatory panel “Claret a gift from God, 1848” in the “Pedro Fuertes” library of the centre, although the fundamental thing has always been to be present in society to endure the evangelical mission that ‘el Padrito’ entrusted to his followers.

The convening power of Claret School, recognised not only as one of the best schools in the Islands, but in the whole country, has the responsibility to be used for the benefit of all, and that is why there are many actions promoted that open the door to anyone who feels interested. To build free, committed, altruistic and enterprising citizens, or in the words of Padrito Claret, people capable of continuing to do “so much good”.


(Information extracted from Canarias 7 | La canción del estudiante)



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