Final stretch of the Meeting of Major Superiors and General Government in Nairobi (Kenya)

The Meeting of Major Superiors and General Government, which has been taking place from 5 to 17 September in Nairobi (Kenya) under the theme ‘Rooted and Bold’, is coming to its final stretch.

Here is a brief summary of this week’s events:

After a week of intense work, Sunday 11 September served as a day of excursion, rest and celebration. It was a day of communion with nature where the participants of the meeting were able to visit the Nairobi National Park (Kenya) and see some animals in their natural habitat.

On Monday 12 September 2022 the meeting resumed and began its second phase, in which the Major Superiors went on to study the Action Plan of the General Government, of which the following should be highlighted:

– The emergence of a new worldview for congregational animation: the constellation model. It is a way of understanding leadership-service to governance in a more synodal and holistic way that better reflects the three principles of good governance: subordination, subsidiarity and complementarity.

– An image: the tree that brings us back to the theme of the Chapter, rooted and bold. This metaphor of the tree reflects the congregation’s new understanding of itself in three processes of transformation: A congregation on the move (Cup of the tree – Mission); A community of witnesses and messengers (Trunk – Daily Life); Men worshipping God in Spirit (Root – nourishment + solidity).

On the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows (15 September) there was a triad of morning and afternoon presentations (three interventions in the morning and three in the afternoon).

The Archbishop of Nairobi, Philip Arnold Subira Anyolo, visited the participants of the meeting. He shared the Eucharist with them, thanked them for the missionary service of the Congregation and invited them to look at the Cross as a source of joy and hope.

We continue to pray for the meeting and to walk and work side by side with all our brothers and sisters in faith.

You can keep up to date with what is happening at the meeting here.


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