Excursion to see ‘The Mystery Man’ exhibition of the Holy Spirit Parish of Granada

A group of people from the parish of the Holy Spirit Parish of Granada (Spain) travelled on Sunday 18th June to Guadix (Granada, Spain) to visit the exhibition ‘The Mystery Man’ which was on display in the Cathedral of Guadix until 30th June.

The excursion was an enjoyable day of conviviality which also included a Eucharist and a meal.

In the exhibition, over the course of six rooms, they were able to break down the most important aspects of one of the great enigmas of history, who was the man in the Shroud, making a historical, artistic and scientific tour of the studies of the Shroud, its impact on the Christian world and the representation of the image of Jesus. The experience culminated with a life-size hyper-realistic sculpture based on scientific and forensic criteria taken from the Shroud.


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