Eruption of the volcano in La Palma: SOLIDARITY IS PRESENT…

Proclade Canarias wants to be present and to promote the spirit of solidarity among all its members and collaborators, as well as in the rest of the Canarian, Spanish and universal society, towards the island of La Palma.

During the more than one month that the Cumbre Vieja volcano has been erupting, it has become clear that the spectacular nature of this phenomenon is accompanied by a great material and economic loss, which adds to the uncertainty of everyday life during this process.

For this reason, the NGDO has joined the short and medium-term emergency campaigns of organisations such as Cáritas Tenerife, and urges people to make donations through the official accounts opened for the occasion by Cáritas, the Cabildo of La Palma, the Government of the Canary Islands and the various town councils affected.

As Proclade Canarias points out, “we encourage you to listen to the voice of La Palma through the people of La Palma who are telling us… DON’T FORGET ABOUT US”, both today and tomorrow, or when the volcano stops roaring, or when it is no longer front page news.


CÁRITAS TENERIFE: current account ES02 2100 6722 6122 0073 3169

 Contributions through the code 03762 of the BIZUM system


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