Easter celebration at the beginning of the third term at CIC

On the first day back after the Easter holidays, the whole educational community of the Colégio Internato dos Carvalhos (CIC) was invited to reflect on the Easter message of Christ, in a celebration prepared on the theme of the joy that comes from the victory of life over death.

As usual in the celebrations, the message is conveyed using language that is close to young people, so that their perception and internalisation is more effective. On this occasion, dance was the vehicle chosen to capture the attention and lead to personal reflection of each of the people present. The celebrations, as there were several divided by classes, were presided over by Father Maia Cmf, representative of the Entity and president of the Board of Directors of CIC.

At the end, the students were invited to change their attitude to show that Christ is alive by dropping the masks they put on every day; to fight against our own falsehood and be faithful to our heart; to break the chains of individualism and isolation and rediscover the person who walks beside us every day; and to open up to silence and prayer to rekindle our relationship with God.

Finally, the students were invited to take a selfie/photo and share it on their social networks with an inscription of commitment to make a change in their lives compatible with the Easter message.


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