Commentary for Sunday: XIII Ordinary Time

28 June 2020. 13th Sunday of Ordinary Time Mt 10, 37-42

The Christian does not believe in a doctrine or ideas. He believes in a Person, in Jesus, the Son of God. And being his disciple is something very demanding, as he tells us today in the Gospel. To be his disciple, one must renounce many things, even good things, to make following him the first thing in our lives. He does not want half measures, nor a “light” following, but a demanding and radical one. We must take up the cross and follow him. On many occasions, both in family and social life, we find ourselves at a crossroads of contradictory choices: opting for the values of Jesus or for those presented to us by this world. Jesus asks us to put him before family, society or even our own life.
This Sunday’s word of God also leaves us another message: that of an attitude of welcome to others. Welcoming in simple gestures, like a glass of water, an outstretched hand or a bit of our time. An open heart for those who approach us. “He who receives you receives me. What you did to one of them, you did to me”. Nothing we do will be forgotten. From his infinite goodness, God will repay us.

Juan Ramon Gomez Pascual, cmf

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