Commentary for Sunday: IV Easter

12 May (4º TPC).

In whatever country, at election time,we listen to the different proposals from each of the leaders and vote for which ever seems to us more convincing. Then, with the support of the votes, we wait and see what they do. Then, I remembered a song that said: “Many promise the moon / until they get into power; / and when they get there you see, / they do not listen to any complaint / and they treat you with the foot”.
Each of the leaders present themselves as the best. But I believe it is necessary for the common good that they reach an understanding between the different views, that all seek the common good, and not only the good of their party. But it is not clear what is behind each of the options. Alliances and pacts; disqualifications and intolerances. Attitudes that make us doubt that they are looking for the best for everyone. It seems that none of the options generate enough confidence.
The word of God puts Jesus as the Good Shepherd, a guide in whom we can place our confidence because he would never deceive us. He is distinguished from the others because he knows us personally, is willing to sacrifice himself for his own, always going ahead leading the way. He endorses it with his life. And calls us to follow him, to also become someone who can show the way to others. Those who are pastors, parents, educators, catechists, bosses or superiors, have to be models of reference for anyone who wants to live from love and justice, and not just from the search for one’s self or for one’s own convenience.

Juan Ramon Gomez Pascual, cmf

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