Commentary for Sunday: 8th May

John 10, 27-30:

Sunday, 8 May 2022 (4 Easter C)


Whenever elections are held in different regions or countries, we have the opportunity to listen to the different proposals of each of the political leaders. After analysing these proposals, we can vote for the one we find most convincing. I am reminded of a song that says: “many promise the moon / until they get to power; / and when they see themselves at the top, / they don’t listen to any complaints / and they treat you with their foot”.

Each of the leaders presents himself as the best. But I believe it is necessary for the common good that an understanding be reached between the different opinions, if they all seek the common good, and not just the good of their party. But it is not very clear what lies behind each of the options. Alliances and pacts; disqualifications and intolerance. Attitudes that make us doubt that they may be seeking the best for all. It seems that no option generates sufficient confidence.

The word of God proposes Jesus as the Good Shepherd, that guide in whom we place our trust because he will never let us down. He is different from the others because he knows us personally, he is ready to sacrifice himself for his own, he always leads the way. He endorses this with his life. And he calls us to follow him, to also become someone who can show the way to others. Those who are pastors, parents, educators, catechists, leaders or superiors, must be models of reference for all those who want to live from love and justice, and not from the search for themselves or their own convenience.


Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual, cmf

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