Commentary for Sunday: 2nd April

Matthew 21, 1-11:

Sunday, 2nd April 2023 (Palm Sunday)

Palm Sunday. Jesus enters Jerusalem and is acclaimed by the crowds. He is greeted with palms and olive branches. Holy Week begins.

In a few days’ time, many of those who acclaim him today will be shouting and clenching their fists in rage to have him crucified. The apostles, Peter himself, who wants to defend Jesus with the sword, will shortly afterwards deny him. Of the 12, only John and some women, not forgetting his mother, stand by the cross. Illusions and failures. Euphoria and defeat. Intentions and disappointments…

The impressive account in Matthew’s Gospel should bring our lives face to face with Jesus. How many times has the same thing happened to me, how many promises have come to nothing, how many times have I abandoned him, will this be the next time?

If we celebrate Jesus entering Jerusalem to carry out his saving mission, we will be making Palm Sunday a reality. The branches and palms can be the supportive attitudes we offer to the committed followers of Jesus who give themselves unreservedly to carry out “his saving mission”. Let us see in them the presence of the Lord who cares for us and protects us. May we live these days with the illusion of being convinced that the Lord is present in all those who give themselves for his sake. And in a few days’ time, may it not happen to us as it did to those who refused to know him, but may we continue to appreciate and value them because they are our brothers and sisters and in them is the Lord.

May the hope of being able to reach the Resurrection be our strength in moments of weakness.


Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual, cmf

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