Commentary for Sunday: 27th December

Sunday, December 27th The Holy Family B.

(Luke 2: 22-40)

Only two days have passed since Christmas and today we would like to offer a brief reflection on this newly formed family: the Holy Family. We do so based on the texts proposed in the liturgy of the day.  Ecclesiasticus speaks to us of the love and respect for one’s parents, which will serve us even in reparation for our sins. St. Paul reminds us that we are God’s chosen ones and that forgiveness, peace and love should reign in the family. And St. Luke, in the Gospel, reminds us how Mary and Joseph presented the Child in the temple as the law commanded, and that Jesus grew up full of wisdom and the grace of God.


The beginnings of the Holy Family were not easy: no place at the inn, persecuted by Herod, immigrants in Egypt. Neither were the later moments, which would end in the cross. But at all times they were under God’s gaze and accepting and fulfilling His will. Today, more than ever, they must be the mirror where we can look at ourselves, learn, imitate. Always with the certainty that God is also with us.


There are many families that in these times are going through economic difficulties, health problems, breakdowns… Lack of dialogue, mistrust, lack of ability to sacrifice, closed attitudes to others are often the cause of family failure. It is necessary to respect each other, to return to the hope of the first moments, and that love be the basis and support for everything that comes. Let the children be the dreams of the parents, and the parents the pride of their children.


I would like these words to be a breath of hope and optimism, of decision and commitment, for all families who are immersed in doubt and difficulties and who see the future as too bleak.

Congratulations to all of you who are part of a family where all members are loved! May the year that is about to begin bring happiness to all families.


Juan Ramon Gomez, cmf



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