Commentary for Sunday: 18th September

Luke 16, 10-13:

Sunday, 18th September 2022 (25th O. T.  C)


On his way to Jerusalem, Jesus continues to teach in parables. In this Sunday’s Gospel, he tells us about an unfaithful steward who steals from his master by taking advantage of his position to enrich himself, and who, knowing that he is going to be dismissed, looks for ways to make friends with the property of others and to guarantee his future. The master of this steward, knowing of his actions, praises him for his cunning, but will dismiss him for his unfaithfulness.

With this parable Jesus wants to warn us that we too should be shrewd in our own affairs and have a secure future. As we were saying a few Sundays ago with those men who sat down to do the calculations when building a tower and not to leave it unfinished because they had made the wrong forecasts. Jesus tells us that we must be intelligent and give importance to the things that really matter. To those things that will secure us tomorrow, and not to those things that we will not be able to take with us. It would be good if at some point we could stop and take stock and see where we are putting our efforts.

“You cannot serve God and money”, Jesus tells us. In a way he also tells us to make friends with unjust money. In other words, that we know how to use material goods to secure our future. That these goods should not be an end in our lives, but a means to be used. That we do not use them to take advantage of others, but on the contrary, to help and serve those who need it most. They will be our best endorsements on the final day.


Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual, cmf

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