Commentary for Sunday: 11th April

John 20, 19-31:

Sunday 11 April 2021 (2nd Easter B)


Sunday evening, dusk. The disciples do not quite believe the women’s story. They are still locked up and afraid of the Jews. Jesus is not in the group. Then Jesus enters and stands in their midst and says to them, “Peace be with you”. He shows them his hands and his side. “It is I, do not be afraid. And with his peace he gives them his Spirit and forgiveness. He is with them again and fills them with joy.

What a wonderful feeling the rugged fishermen of Galilee must have experienced. Immense joy, difficult to recount. From then on they begin to understand what he had told them while he was living with them. And the Risen One says to them: “As the Father has sent me, so I send you”. He gives them the power of his Spirit to go out to the whole world. They lose their fear and set out to tell what they have seen and heard. They become the witnesses of the Risen One. Thomas, at first, does not believe what the others tell him, but a few days later Jesus himself removes his doubts.

May the presence of the Risen Christ rekindle our faith and make us say with Thomas: “My Lord and my God!” And may we lose our fear and shame to proclaim to the world that Jesus is alive again and with us, and may our life be the best testimony that we believe in the Risen Lord!


Juan Ramón Gómez Pascual, cmf



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