Comentary for Sunday: V Lent

7 April 2019(5 Lent (C)
It is not uncommon to find in the media news like this: “Woman sentenced to death for adultery.” A few days ago, we heard in the media about the new laws in Bahrain and it is often argued from religious principles. And the men (almost always the leaders) judge, condemn and execute. And then argue that it is the will of God. That is their interpretation.
We Christians are lucky to follow the interpretation that Jesus gives us: not do not judge, do not condemn, but love.
This Sunday’s Gospel shows us what Jesus did when they presented to him a woman caught in adultery. He challenges those who accused her: “He who is without sin, cast the first stone”. Embarrassed, they leave. All have committed sins. And Jesus does not condemn her. He offers her a new opportunity. He shows her the love of God in spite of her sin.
We are coming to the end of Lent, in which from the beginning we have been asked to “be converted”. This word sounds bad to us because we misunderstand it. To be converted is trying to live from the same values that Jesus teaches us, or loving others as he did.
Can there be anything better than living with a heart full of love? Despite this it seems that we resist. Our selfishness does not let us take a step forward. Today Jesus tells us to take advantage of this new opportunity.
We will be happier.

Juan Ramon Gomez Pascual, cmf


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