Circle of Silence in the Parish of Our Lady of Peace of Rehoyas (Las Palmas) in favour of migrants

The Parish of Our Lady of Peace in Rehoyas (Las Palmas, Spain), faced with the dramatic events that have been happening on the Canary coasts, such as the increasingly frequent appearance of boats with corpses of migrants, did not want to passively witness this reality. For this reason, they wanted to go out to the neighbourhood square to raise their voices and make a gesture of solidarity and denunciation.

In addition to denouncing a series of facts, they wanted to commit themselves to:

  1. To raise awareness in our environments (family, community, neighbourhood, workplace…) in order to show greater solidarity and welcome to migrants.
  2. Continually review our attitudes towards these people: how we receive them, how we treat them, how we talk about them, how we live with them…
  3. To demand from our politicians and governments a greater humanisation of laws and regulations related to migration and the promotion of sufficient social services for a dignified and effective attention.
  4. To denounce the causes that lead to the death of migrants, going out to the square every time this situation is repeated.

We join in your prayer for the memory of so many people who have died unjustly, of so many dashed hopes.


Click here to read the manifesto of the Parish of Nuestra Señora de la Paz de Rehoyas (Las Palmas, Spain).


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