CIC students return to classroom classes

On 19 April, the students of the Carvalhos Boarding School (CIC) returned to classroom classes, back ‘home’ to their classroom teaching.

For the centre “it was a moment of celebration; there was even music to express the joy of our return”. Before 8.30 a.m., students were arriving for the long-awaited reunion, where messages such as ‘It’s so good to be back HOME’ could be found.

The CIC regains its life and colour with the presence of all those who are part of this ‘family’, “we all missed this atmosphere and this daily hustle and bustle”.

Early in the morning, some students wanted to express their feelings on returning ‘home’, testimonies that we share in a video they have made.

We pray and express our best wishes on this return after two and a half months due to COVID-19 for the whole educational community of CIC and for all the Portuguese schools that have experienced the same circumstances.


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