Chronicle of the Youth Easter organised by the Portuguese YVM Team

The Portuguese Youth and Vocational Pastoral Team (EPJV PT) organised, during the Lenten season, the activity “Young Easter – from disenchantment to Hope”, as a way to guide the approximately 40 teenagers and young people registered to prepare for Easter 2022.

The activity was held in person and took place between 8 and 10 April 2022, at the Youth House, in Carvalhos. A group of APJ animators were present and ensured a good follow-up of the activity. Teenagers and young people from the Parish of Pedroso also participated at specific moments.

The Youth Easter took place in a serene atmosphere, conducive to this time of retreat and preparation for Easter.

The PJV Team thanks everyone for their presence and participation. “The overall evaluation was very positive. We remain confident to continue our journey in the Fatima YVM towards the great moment of WYD Lisbon 2023.”

Some testimonies:

Despite being such different people and from such different places, the ideas converged in an incredible way.” – Mariana Amorim

Incredible, challenging, spirit of communion, Jesus“. – António Reis

It is an unforgettable experience“. – Vasco Santos

Easter Youth for me was about sharing, respect, joy, young life! To see that there is still so much need for young people to meet, to talk about their faith, to share difficulties and to experience the joy of meeting, is something wonderful!” – Joana Pereira


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