Celebrations and gatherings at the Claret School of Don Benito to prepare for the arrival of the Child Jesus

A few days before the Christmas holidays, the Claret School of Don Benito held different celebrations and gatherings to prepare for the arrival of the Child Jesus:

Meeting of catechists. On Thursday 15th December, in the Parish Church of San Juan, the children and youth catechists of Claret School had their traditional meeting in which, in an atmosphere of prayer, they shared thanksgiving for the vocation of accompanying other people in the growth of faith.

Catechesis groups’ get-together. In the last catechesis of the quarter, the different youth catechesis groups had a Christmas celebration to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Visit of the Three Wise Men in a balloon. The Three Wise Men visited the school and gave out their Christmas wishes. Special thanks to the APA Colegio Claret for contacting their Majesties.

Second Claret House of the year. On Saturday 17th December took place the second Claret House of the course with the children of 5th and 6th of Primary Education, where, through games, the catechesis was celebrated and a simple celebration in the chapel with the great event of Christmas, that God becomes one with us from the simplicity and invites us to welcome Him in our lives.


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