Celebration of the feast of Claret in our schools

The feast of Father Claret (24th October) has been celebrated by our schools with great joy and in different ways.

In the Claret School of Don Benito, the activities such as games, theatre and mural making ended with all the staff of the centre, active and retired, together with different authorities and invited people who are related to the centre, in the chapel to carry out a celebration around Saint Anthony Mary Claret.

At Claret School in Las Palmas, on the afternoon of Friday 22nd October, there was the traditional staff photo, Eucharist and dinner, taking advantage of the occasion to pay tribute to the people who are beginning their retirement period and to the teachers who have been with the school for 25 years.

In the Claret School of Seville, in addition to different activities and games, the students of the 2nd year of Bachillerato were able to discover the keys that enlightened Father Claret in his decision making and that can help them in such an important year in their decision making, with the help of the PJV Team and under the slogan ‘Surfing with Claret’. In addition, for this special day, the school wanted to make a video to show its solidarity with the people affected by the eruption of the volcano in La Palma.

In the Colégio Internato dos Carvalhos, from the 22nd to the 29th of October, they are developing different activities that we will tell you about later on.

We commend ourselves to Father Claret and ask him to be like him: children of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that we may burn with charity and that we may burn wherever we go.


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