TAKE CARE OF THE FAMILY: Commit ourselves as a family to not spread gossip about others

8th Sunday in Ordinary Time


The reading this Sunday, invites us to have a reflection within the family. Who am I to go about grumbling about others when I am the one who has reasons to keep quiet? Why do we feel we have the ability to be judges over others when it is more likely that we are the ones to be accused? That is why we should learn to be very prudent when it comes to denouncing or condemning the actions of our brothers and sisters, and rather practice and teach it within our family. But in addition, we should have the courage to look within our own heart without fear and sincerely try to remove the beam that surely we have. Then we will be lighter to follow Jesus and love our brothers and sisters.

A proposal for taking care of the family this week:

Commit ourselves to ignore hearsay or gossip about people we don’t know, and even less about members of our own family, that does not contribute anything productive to anyone but can harm everybody.

Alicia del Pozo and Francisco Bonachera


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