Campaign “500 porridges and powdered milk for São Tomé”

During this Lent (from 2 March to 17 April) PROCURA – Missões Claretianas is developing the campaign “500 porridges and powdered milk for São Tomé”, which aims to contribute to the feeding of local children.

That is why it invites us to give up something extra and channel what we can spend on a coffee, chocolate or something that we like and we have not bought, to the sustained support of many children and young people to collaborate with one of the main needs that there is, such as food.

The goal is, with the support of all those interested in collaborating, to reach 500 packages.

The delivery of porridge and powdered milk can be made in any of the PROCURA delegations (Carvalhos, Lisbon, Agualva-Cacém and Tondela). A donation can also be made (IBAN: PT50.0018.0003.5391.5518.0204.4; MBWay: 934 423 756. A receipt is issued for tax purposes).

For more information, please email or call 934 423 756.

We count on your support!



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