Calendar 2023 of Proclade Betica dedicated to the strategic lines of SOMI

This year 2023, Proclade Betica dedicates its calendar to make known the strategic lines of the Secretariat of Solidarity and Mission (SOMI) of the Province of Fatima. Each of these focuses has been distributed in the 12 months of this calendar to keep them in mind and to deepen them in our daily life:

– Right to Education (January, February and March). We are committed to the incorporation of young people into quality education systems, as a tool for development, personal and community growth and social participation.

– Integral Ecology (April, May and June). We are committed to a sustainable lifestyle that has an impact on the environment and improves the living conditions of impoverished people and communities.

– Peace and Reconciliation (July, August and September). We are committed to the search for channels of dialogue between people, as a means of combating polarisation, confrontation and violent conflict, which makes our societies and communities sterile and generates suffering.

– Migrations and interculturality (October, November and December). A commitment to the encounter between people on the basis of equal rights in a global world rich in diversity.


We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the NGDO, which celebrated its 29th anniversary on 3 January.

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