Sharing life
Growing in cordiality

Coordinated by Leandro Fanlo Turró, cmf

Fr. Claret tells us in a beautiful text from his “Resolutions”:

“All our riches, all our belongings, are encompassed in Love.  Nobody can take this from me. Neither robbers, nor adversities. Love always remains” (Mss. Claret, XIII 177).

Many people feel touched by that Love that “always remains”, which is God, and it is worth sharing.  So, in this section we want to open up a space to enrich each other through the lived experiences in the first person, of reflections born from the heart, of events that can be light for one’s self or for others.  They are treasures that God places in our lives and that could – with all the humility in the world – help grow fraternity and cordiality among all those of us who have been touched by his grace, particularly in our Province of Fatima or those individuals who are close to us.  Thus, we will extend the experience of Our Lady who “kept all those things in her heart” (Lk 2:19) and who proclaimed with gratitude what the Lord had done for her (Lk 1:46) or the custom of our Holy Founder who reserved an important part of his writings to record his ‘lights and graces’.

This section is coordinated by the Claretian Missionary Leandro Fanlo, at present in the community of Granada who inaugurated it by sharing with us something that “abounds in his heart”.  We will publish the reflections each Saturday, a day dedicated in a special way by the Church to Mary.  It couldn’t have a better setting

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