Beach day and walks in the park in the Claret Residences

In the Residencia de Mayores Claret Granada they continue to take steps of ‘normality’, always without relaxing the security and sanitary measures by the COVID-19. On this occasion, some residents of the centre were able to go on a trip to the beach. You only had to see the faces of the residents, how eager they were to soak up the sun and get their feet wet on the seashore. A more than therapeutic outing for them and also for the staff of the centre.

For their part, the residents of the Claret Sevilla Residence for the Elderly were also able to enjoy the street again. After a long time, they returned to enjoy their homeland, Seville, and thus return to contemplate an emblematic area such as the Maria Luisa Park, better known as “The park of the pigeons”, according to the residents. Early in the morning, they went to the Parque de María Luisa with faces of joy and excitement. After a pleasant walk, they ended up in the Plaza de España where the residents recalled moments of their childhood and adulthood.

We pray that little by little our elderly people will recover those feelings that they have been losing due to COVID-19.



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