17th Missionary Week in São Tomé

The PROCURA – Missões Claretianas held the 17th Missionary Week in São Tomé from February 25 to March 5, 2022, with the participation of two volunteers: Eunice and Marisa, who joined Vítor and Céu, long-term volunteers at Casa Claret.

Throughout this week, the volunteers settled in Casa Claret, in the city of Trindade, and had the opportunity to get to know “a Escolinha Claret”, the support that is done in the field and to live many moments of coexistence and dialogue with the collaborators and members of different communities and institutions.

In short, it was a very intense week, with many smiles, dialogues and sharing. Now, from Portugal, the connection with Casa Claret continues, we continue together for the missions!



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