We are Missionaries … in our initial formation stage

As missionaries we attach great importance to our initial formation stage. This is what the students of our Theologate of Granada are doing. Currently there are 5 of our Province (Adão da Costa Chaves, José Manuel Marín Mena, Nyasha Choga, Tiago Emanuel Afonso dos Ramos and Vítor Emanuel Magalhães Barbosa), 3 of the Province of Germany (John Vinothan, Royson Melvettom George and Jacob Sebastian), 2 from the Province of the Philippines (Naing Lin Htun and Wigbett Papa Mahilum) and one from the Delegation of the Congo (Divin Kisakala Kivuvu Yaka). In addition, outside the Theologate is José Enrique García Rizo (from our Province and recently ordained deacon with John and Divin).

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