Very special pupils at Claret Scoohl in Las Palmas

The Educational Community of Claret School in Las Palmas is happy to have some very special new members for the next few months. They are six pupils from the Ukraine who have arrived at the school while the war is still raging in their country.

After more than ten days of travelling but much more of paperwork and bureaucracy, on Thursday 7th March they joined the Tamaraceite and Rabadán sections to live with boys and girls of their respective ages.

During their stay on the Island they will be welcomed by the staff of the Centre, who have not hesitated to offer them a place with their families to make them more bearable the fact of being away from their homes and loved ones in this complicated situation.

It is undoubtedly an opportunity to grow as Christians and to show the solidary and committed side of the whole Claretian family.



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