Untying and mounting the donkey | Easter 2022

“You will find a donkey tied, which no one has yet ridden. Untie him and bring him to me”.

(Luke 19: 28-38)


Important people entered the cities on horseback and on what we might call ” deluxe ” horses. The emperors, the generals, the victors in battles and combats…

Jesus, in untying and mounting the donkey, unties and mounts another order of things:

  • Unties and mounts humility,
  • Unties and mounts peace,
  • Unties and mounts closeness,
  • Unties and mounts service,
  • Unties and mounts simplicity,
  • Unties and mounts the value of the small, of the poor, of the weak….

Do not approach the celebration of these Holy Days mounted on “horses” of pride, arrogance and selfishness. Come on the “donkey” of humility and worship a God who pours out the last drop of his blood and life for you.



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