The young people of our Province live Easter and Resurrection

The young people of our Province of Fatima have lived in a special way the Easter and Resurrection of the Lord with different activities, in person and online, in the different positions of the Province.

Thus, in the United Kingdom, Portugal and Spain, they participated in the usual activities of this time, with greater normality than in recent years. In addition, in Portugal, the activity ‘Páscoa Jovem’ was developed, a series of meetings with young people to motivate Holy Week through living together, meeting and prayer.

In the area of Spain, the action #EnLoEscondido was carried out, with online connections of prayer, formation and encounter, energised by the PJV_Spain Team and by members of the Claretian Family, as well as an invitation to pray and share locally. There were also regional and local pre-Easter events in some places, for the youngest ones.

May the Lord continue to resurrect!


Chronicle of the online Easter ‘In the hidden’ of Cordimarian Filiation


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