The XLIX Writing Competition of the Colegio Claret Las Palmas already knows its winners

The winners of the XLIX Claret Las Palmas Writing Competition, which took place in January 2023 and in which more than 600 students from 60 schools in Gran Canaria participated, were announced on 22nd May.

The event proved once again that literature is still alive and that it is false that young people no longer write. Nearly 600 young people gathered once again for the prize-giving ceremony at the Colegio Claret, with 8 students winning: Ariadna Rodríguez (1º ESO IES Pr Juan Pulido Castro), Elena Rodríguez (2º ESO IES Guanarteme), Pino Rodríguez Merchán (2º ESO Colegio Claret), Anella Perez García (2º ESO S. Vicente de Paul), Alexa Colla Vera (3rd ESO IES La Minilla), Cecilia García González (3rd ESO IES Guanarteme), Nayra Hernández Galván (4th ESO IES Gran Canaria), and Irene Sánchez Pérez (4th ESO Colegio Heidelberg Gran Canaria).

Congratulations to both the participants and the winners!

Click here to read the article published in the newspaper LA PROVINCIA.


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