The WYD in the Claretian Family continues adding young ambassadors

With less than nine months left for the celebration of the WYD Lisbon 2023 in Claretian Family, the YVM Team of Fátima continues to travel around the Province appointing “embaixadores jovens” (young ambassadors).

Thus, after a day of formation and fraternity with some APJs and NEO APJs, in Valencia del Ventoso (Badajoz, Spain) there are already “young ambassadors” for the WYD Claret Way 2023; the same happens in Don Benito, where its leaders and APJs continue their way for the WYD with much dedication to the young people; the Colegio Mayor Pío XII of Lisbon (Portugal) also already has “embaixadores jovens”; and in Agualva (Cacém, Portugal) they continue their way and counting the days to live the experience.

We join the YVM Team in thanking all the ambassadors for WYD Claret Way. We are still on our way!


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