The Claretian summer experiences in Loja conclude and the Camino de Santiago arrives

The Spanish YVM Team (EPJV_ Spain) has concluded the summer experiences 2022 in Loja (Granada).

There have been many young people of different ages who, since the end of June, have been able to live an experience and encounter with God in Padrito (from 25 to 30 June | 1st and 2nd ESO), Gospel (from 2 to 8 July | 1st Bachillerato), Exodus (from 11 to 17 July | 3rd and 4th ESO) and Campo de Silencio (from 20 to 26 July | 2nd Bachillerato).

Now it is the turn of the Camino de Santiago (from 31st July to 10th August).

The Team continues to count on your prayers to help the young people to continue living experiences of God.

You can keep up to date with what is happening on the Team’s social networks (Twitter: @pjvfatima_sp; Facebook and Instagram: @pjvfatima.sp).



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