The CIC ‘recycles’ Christmas

The Colégio Internato de Carvalhos (CIC) presents these days a Christmas decoration that, besides being charming, is also respectful of the environment.

With the desire to make the place of teaching more sustainable, the possibility of joining the Eco-Schools project arose, which promotes and encourages schools throughout Europe to reduce their ecological footprint. In this way, with the aim of making the CIC an Eco-School, different activities will be carried out, and one of them is the one that can be seen these days around the centre: a beautiful Christmas decoration.

As Ana Almeida, from 12th grade, explains, “we believe that we have managed, even in the difficult times we are experiencing, to bring some Christmas cheer to the CIC and, at the same time, we can put into practice two of the three ‘R’s’: recycling and reusing”.

If you want to read his full testimony, click here.



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