The acolyte group of the Parish of Tondela celebrates its 26th anniversary

The Acolyte Group of the Parish of Tondela (GAPT) celebrated its 26th anniversary. As a way of celebrating its anniversary, the group participated in a time of formation, prayer and fellowship, in addition to holding meetings of “Invitation to be an altar server” with young people from 4th to 10th grade, with the aim of making the group known and encouraging more children, adolescents and young people to belong to this group, through an experience of closeness and following Jesus through service at the altar.

Today, the GAPT is a point of reference for the young people of the parish community of Tondela and one of the ways in which young people connect with the community. Its reaffirming role as a youth centre enables many of its young people to experience Jesus Christ and his Church more closely, allowing them to deepen their faith with joy, responsibility and commitment. The “Invitation to be an altar server” meetings will continue over the coming weekends.


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