Take care of your family: Read and comment on a Gospel passage together.

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Mt 13:1-23)

The parable of the sower, listened to many times by all of us, and which today is presented to us for our contemplation, should lead us to ask ourselves what part of our heart we do not open to it, as being such a good seed, the fruit it produces in us is nevertheless so scarce. Why do we still carry within our family such deficiencies, attitudes and behaviours contrary to what it means “to welcome the Word”? The bewilderment of this poor response on our part should lead us to make a sincere and profound reflection that opens our hearts to a greater implementation of the KINGDOM OF GOD in us.

Proposal to take care of the family this week:
These days – or during the next few weeks when we may be able to enjoy “quality family” time for the summer holidays – perhaps it is appropriate that we all take time together to read a passage from the Gospel and share what it says to each of us.

Pilar López and Joaquín Devolx


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