Take care of your family: Invite each member of the family to find a Bible text with the words “peace” or “Holy Spirit” and discuss it together


Two phrases of Jesus to those he loved so much: “Peace be with you”; “Receive the HOLY SPIRIT”.
The PEACE of the Lord and his Spirit (which comforts, encourages and emboldens) are the same thing
PEACE, for St. John, is full, happy and abundant life.
PEACE is the presence of God
“May the peace of the Lord be with us always.” If our homes are filled with God, with his Spirit… they will be homes of peace.

Proposal to take care of our family this week:
To suggest that each member of our FAMILY look for a biblical phrase that contains the word PEACE or HOLY SPIRIT
Set a time and circumstance to share and discuss

Emmanuel Devolx

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