Take care of your family: Be witnesses that, in Jesus, fears and worries are dispelled

SUNDAY III OF THE TIME OF LENT (Jn 4, 5-15.19b-26.39a.40-42)

This gospel comes to us in the midst of the crisis of the coronavirus COVID 19. A reading that presents us with a conversation between a curious individual, in search (“give me that water that satiates”), with a story of failure behind her… (“I don’t have a husband…”) and Jesus, who is shown to us as a person – in addition to being open to dialogue and to other thoughts, cultures, religions – who, just by being there, listening… heals his interlocutor.
These weeks, in the heart of many of our families, this story of uncertainty and anxiety, of the search for answers, of uneasiness and fear will be repeated.
And it seems that the Word of this Sunday has committed itself to telling us that the answer to our fears and searches… is in Jesus and in how we know how to feed on his message and his life.

Just as the Samaritan woman did, become witnesses that in Jesus, in God, is the answer to our searches, our concerns, our fears, our worries… For that, let us “sit” longer – than the time we are likely to have – with Jesus at the side of the well…without hurrying, opening our hearts to Him.

Teresa Molina and Juan Alcaide

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