Take care of the family: Let us seek some concrete way to live within the family the joy of Easter.

Easter Sunday

John 20:1-9
Running; those who were the first to see the empty tomb lived this way, running to bring the good news to others. They couldn’t wait. Can we wait to let it be known as well? In addition, Mary Magdalene came when it was still dark but when she came out of the tomb, just like her companions, there was already light, that is, the risen Jesus is the advance of the Light that awakens the Faith and opens us up to Hope. Within our families we are also called to be light, to communicate hope and spread the joy of the Resurrection to others.

Proposal to take care of the family this week:
Let us be like the Paschal Candle that continually reminds us of the Resurrection of Jesus. Let us seek some concrete way to live the joy of Easterwithin the family.

Alicia del Pozo and Francisco Bonachera


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