Strengthening the friendship of some “Humahuaca veterans”

An important part of our Province had a strong relationship with the Mission of Humahuaca (Argentina). Many missionaries have spent a long period of their lives there. Well, last January 30th, three of them (who are currently carrying out their mission in positions that are not in our Province) met. It was in Leon (Spain). They were: Fr. Ricardo Aparicio, who since October has been in the house of Santa María de Valdelamora de León, belonging to the Province of Santiago; Fr. Ventura Tejero, who is currently in Lambare (Paraguay) and has been in Spain on holiday; and Fr. Santiago García Dueñas, who is currently accompanying his parents.

They have sent us some photos of this meeting.

We took the opportunity to pray for the Mission of Humahuaca (currently of the Province of San José del Sur).

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