We are missionaries in Don Benito (Badajoz)

Our community of Don Benito (Badajoz, Spain) was founded in 1893 (last year was its 125 º anniversary).

It is currently compromised by: Fr. José Antonio Álvarez Cabero, Fr. José Antonio Carrasco Ríos, Fr. Adolfo Furones Martín, Fr. Lorenzo García Palacios, Fr. Antonio López Simón, Fr. Juan Miguel Martínez Molero, Fr. Gabriel Miguélez Combarros and Fr. Amador Núñez Vecino.

(In the photo is the Bishop of the Diocese of Plasencia, D. José Luis Retana, too)

Specific Mission:
Pastoral ministry of the Claret School. Pastoral care of the Parish of San Juan Bautista
de Don Benito and the rural parishes of Ruecas, Vivares and Valdehornillo

Here is a photo of the vocational week. It was celebrated 10 days ago and was attended by our Vocational Youth Pastoral Team.

Also here is a photo of the meeting between our Provincial father, Carlos Candeias, cmf and the teachers of the school.

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