Solidarity Week of Claret School Seville

From 26th February to 4th March, the PJV_Spain Team, some APJs and teachers accompanied some groups of 1st Bachillerato of Claret School Seville in their Solidarity Week, which took place in different places of Andalusia, Extremadura and Madrid.

In this experience, they have been able to enjoy the true call of being a missionary, understanding more than ever the phrase “Not to be served, but to serve”.

On Saturday, March 4th, at the Thanksgiving Eucharist, through the testimonies, petitions, thanksgivings… it was possible to perceive how the experience helped the students to see, hear and experience first hand what it is to be in solidarity and to serve.

We pray that this experience will not be forgotten and that their daily life will be more solidary and inspired by the Gospel.


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