Serving the Word: Mt 9: 1-8


Matthew 9, 1-8:
“Get up, take your stretcher and go home.”

Today we are witnessing one of Jesus’ miracles.
A paralytic is presented to him and Jesus, seeing the faith they had, makes him stand up.
But Jesus does not want him to let go of the stretcher. He even orders him to take it.
Many times we approach Jesus as we would approach a pharmacy: we want him to take away all the “stretchers” that weigh us down and that prevent us from walking as we would like to.
And Jesus certainly puts us on our feet. He heals in us everything that paralyzes us. But he does not want us to abandon our “stretchers”, which are our jobs, our responsibilities, our occupations, our services, even our illnesses and defects.
We cannot let go of these “stretchers” because they are precisely the instruments that bring us closer to God and to others.
They will become heavy at times. But we must walk with them.
Take your “stretchers” with joy and walk with them behind Jesus.
Good day.

Antonio Maria Sanjuan Marin, cmf

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