Serving the Word: Mt 7: 1-5


Matthew 7, 1-5:
“They will judge you as you judge, and the measure you use will be used with you.”

How easy it is for us to judge others and use the measure that suits us or that we think we should use.
And only God our Father has the measure to value and judge.
His measure is always love and mercy. That is why we can never feel condemned by Him and that is why we should never condemn anyone.
If you are measured by God with love and mercy, then don’t judge others with intransigence and heartlessness. Remember what Father Claret said:
“I will have for God the heart of a son,
for myself the heart of a judge
and for my neighbour, the heart of a mother.”
Good day.

Antonio María Sanjuán Marín, cmf


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